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A Short Guide to the Different Types of Bunk Beds

What’s so great about summer? It’s synonymous with fun-filled sleepovers for kiddos everywhere, and busy school days are at bay. Hooray! One way to make your child’s sleepover as comfortable as possible is to ensure plenty of optimal sleeping spaces. Enter bunk beds. Over the years, bunk beds have come a long way. These magical unicorns of adventure and comfort save space, instantly transforming smaller rooms into functional square footage. It’s no wonder why their compact design is a fan-favorite for kids rooms and dorms alike.

If you're thinking about buying a bunk bed, make sure you understand the different construction types and styles available. With so many choices, you’ll be able to find your perfect bunk match in no time!


Bunk beds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most widely available types of bunk beds include:

· Standard: When you think of bunk beds, you probably imagine the standard build. With this construction, two beds are stacked one on top of the other, usually with a ladder to access the top bunk.

· Futon: This type is similar to the standard bunk but has a futon on the bottom, instead of a traditional bed. Because the futon can be used as a bed or couch, it provides extra lounging opportunities and functionality.

· Loft: A loft bunk bed only uses the top bunk, leaving you plenty of space underneath for a desk, TV, chair, or other furniture. A loft bunk is a popular way to make the most of the space in a smaller room, and perfect for your tween, teen, or young adult.

· L-Shaped: With this version, the bottom bunk faces perpendicular to top bed. It’s perfect for those who prefer their sleep space to include extra flare. The function remains the same, but the design element offers a fun twist to the traditional bunk build.

· Trundle: A trundle bunk bed has the same look as the standard, but with the added bonus of a trundle bed underneath the bottom bunk to accommodate a third person. These make great options if your house has frequent overnight guests.

· Triple: This type of bunk has a third bed built into the configuration. It can be constructed in several different ways, depending on the builder. The triple bunk bed can sleep a third person, but it will take up a bit more space in the room.

Finding your perfect bunk bed will depend upon how many people you need to sleep, how much space you have to work with, and what kind of style you like best.


In addition to various construction options, bunk beds also come in a multitude of different styles. Whether you prefer something simple and classic or more complex, you can find a wonderful bunk bed you're sure to love.

To achieve a minimalist, yet modern look, try a standard bunk bed made from metal for a sleek design. If you prefer down home charm, look for a bunk bed with a rustic, wood design in a light or dark finish. To create something truly unique, check out bunks with intricate designs such as boats, tiny houses, castles, or cars.

While you're shopping for a new bunk bed, be sure to check out Badcock Home Furniture &more! We carry a variety of bunk beds and offer the expertise to help you select the perfect option to fit your needs!