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The Perfect Stay-At-Home Date
Because of Valentine’s Day, February is often associated with romance, love, and relationships. One of the key ways to make sure a relationship with your loved one thrives is to have regular dates and outings. With the world still taking precaution, picking the perfect restaurant or outing can be a bit difficult these days. Rather than having to make reservations or wait in long lines, one of the most thoughtful and enjoyable ways to celebrate a romantic dinner with your loved one is in the comfort of your home. Home is where your heart is after all!
Those Just Right® Moments
Sometimes in life, there are those things that feel just right. Whether it’s a satisfying video compilation, the perfect nesting of two items, a feeling of peace while relaxing with loved ones, a backyard sunset with flawless coloring, sipping tea on the porch, enjoying laughter and food with those most important to us, or anything in between, these everyday moments can bring a feeling unlike any other. We like to think of these happenings as the sparks that make life more enjoyable and memories of time spent throughout the years stand out above the rest.
The Year of Family and Home
With the promise of a new year just around the corner, many people around the world are holding onto the hope of a brighter tomorrow. While 2020 may have been one of the most challenging years in recent memory, we cannot overlook some of the things that may have been silver linings in an otherwise cloudy climate.
Bring the Holidays Home
The most wonderful time of the year is nearly here. Regardless of the specific traditions or practices observed, the holiday season tends to bring a sense of hope and joy to the world. This year, more than ever, the world needs a bit of joy and above all else, it needs hope. Despite smaller gatherings and virtual hugs on laptop screens, the holiday season can still bring much-needed light to your life and warmth to your heart. Getting your home “holiday-ready” may focus a little less on extra space at the dinner table, or crafting a meal large enough to feed a small army, but the reason for the season is still there and a focus on making your home feel like, well, home may be just the thing needed to make your season merry and bright.
Crafting The Perfect Tablescape
As the official holiday season has begun, thoughts begin to turn to the excitement of cherished times with loved ones. While your guest list may be a bit shorter than in years past, nothing beats the memories made while gathered around the dinner table, cheering on your favorite team, or dozing off in solitude enveloped in the comfort of a sofa after having one too many second helpings. If you’re like many people, your holidays tend to center around meals and you may have already begun creating a mental checklist of all the things that go into crafting the perfect culinary experience. A beautifully browned turkey, an impeccably glazed ham, or your other favorite central dish is likely to be the star of the dining show, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set the table stage to really make it shine.
Easy Ways to Bring Fall Home
The morning sun is taking a little longer to rise, and in the evening, it darts away earlier and earlier. With some breezes, there is a familiar coolness to offer relief from summer days. In higher altitudes, there may be hues of reds, oranges, and yellows dotting the green of tree canopies. Soon, it will be time for pumpkin patches, crisp apples, and raking leaves as they gracefully fall to the ground. While spring traditionally gets the glory and praise of renewal and refreshment, fall is a time of transition and change, setting the stage for the eventual blooms and bursting of new life. Despite fall being a relatively popular season in any year, it would seem that more people are longing for cooler weather, the joy the holidays bring, and a signal that an undeniably difficult year may be nearing its end. If you are ready to fully embrace the feeling of fall, one of the areas you may turn your attention to is your home.
Ways to make the 2020 school year easier
This is the time of year when school-aged children and college students, cast away the carefree days of summer where sleeping in and leisurely activities are the norm, in favor of alarm clocks and scheduled days full of learning with their peers. While this year's classrooms, learning, and normal procedures may feel a bit different, schools across the Southeast have begun beckoning their students back to educational pursuits. No matter what a student’s method of learning may look like this year, there are a few ways to help ensure your student’s academic success.
Make Your Home Office Work for You
The home office. Never before in the history of the relationship between emerging technology and the working world has the home office stolen the spotlight quite as dramatically as it has in the last few months. What was once a need of only a rare few remote workers or a luxury for those who desired a dedicated space to working toward making their side hustle their sole means, has now become a necessity as more companies shift their office spaces to the digital realm.
How To Have An Amazing Summer Staycation
Ah, summer. It’s the time of year where thoughts turn to sunny beaches, coastal cottages, camping, and much-needed pauses from the business of everyday life. Even though the world looks different than it did last summer, many are longing for the refreshment and renewal a vacation brings. If travel is not back in the cards just yet, a staycation may be the best way to ensure summer fun.
High Impact Design for Low-Impact Cost
Recently, much of the world has been spending a lot of quality time at home. While some of this time has brought a renewed sense of appreciation for the place that keeps us safe from the outside world, there has undoubtedly been some time to reflect on what could make our homes more comfortable, more stylish, more connected, and a more accurate reflection of those who dwell within.