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What Are the Different Types of Mattresses?

A Short Guide to Different Mattress Types

In one of our previous posts, we talked about some important things to keep in mind while you're shopping for a new mattress. Today, to help you make an informed mattress purchase, we'll provide an overview of the different types of mattresses you might find while shopping. After reading this, you'll have a much better idea of what each mattress type might be like before you test them out!

Here are six types of mattresses you can choose from.

1. Memory Foam

In recent years, memory foam has become a hugely popular type of mattress. If you're not sure if a mattress in the store is made of memory foam, just press your hand into the top. If it stays in shape, you've found it! Memory foam's popularity stems from its luxurious comfort and support since it conforms to the shape of your body. Whether you're a side sleeper, a stomach sleeper, or a back sleeper, a memory foam mattress will give you the support you need.

2. Latex

This type of mattress is similar to memory foam but is made up of a latex foam instead. While memory foam uses synthetic materials to get its signature feel, a latex mattress uses natural fibers in its composition. Compared to memory foam, there is a wider variety of latex mattresses — some are firmer, while others are softer. You'll also find a broad range of plushness levels in a latex mattress.

3. Gel

A gel mattress will combine foam elements with a gel material. Gel mattresses have a similar feel to memory foam, but they are better at regulating temperature. One reason to choose gel over a foam mattress is that the gel helps dissipate your body heat, so if you tend to run hot while sleeping, you may become overheated on a foam mattress. If this is the case, a gel mattress may be perfect for you!

4. Pillow-Top

If you're a side sleeper, a pillow-topped mattress may be a great pick if you don't like the feel of foam or gel. Pillow-topped mattresses are often a type of innerspring mattress that has an extra layer. The pillow top itself can come in a variety of levels of firmness, helping you find the right fit. Whether you like a firmer feel or a more cushiony feel, you can find the right support level with a pillow-topped mattress.

5. Innerspring

Though they're becoming less common, innerspring mattresses have varying numbers of internal metal springs or coils to support your body. Although there are a variety of firmness options available, innerspring mattresses are not considered the best type of mattress when it comes to support and comfort. The more you use an innerspring mattress, the more stress the springs or coils take. Over time, these mattresses will sag much more than other types and may not give you the support you need.

6. Adjustable

Adjustable beds come with a remote, allowing you to customize different features. Depending on the level of sophistication of a bed you're in, you can adjust the height near your head, middle, and feet, and more. If you have sleep issues, like sleep apnea or chronic pain, an adjustable bed is an excellent option in helping to relieve those problems.

No matter what kind of mattress you prefer, Badcock Home Furniture &more has you covered. If you're shopping for a new mattress, check out our wide selection of different mattress types today!