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Dealer Opportunities

Get in on the success that comes with being a part of the Badcock family. We offer a unique business model with no franchise fee that makes it easier to get started at becoming a dealer so you can bring style and value to your community while enjoying a long-term growth opportunity.

Dealer Frequently Asked Questions

If you haven’t already visited one of our more than 300 home furnishing centers in eight southeastern states, you can expect to find quality craftsmanship; great values; and friendly, knowledgeable associates. Plus, of our 300+ stores, over 75% are individually owned by Badcock dealers. Our unofficial slogan is "Badcock makes it easy," and that applies to both our customers and dealers alike. The Badcock dealer agreement provides them with consigned merchandise, account financing, and operational support that allow them to own their own business with dramatically reduced risk.
Badcock is continually implementing new ways to support the dealers’ pursuit of personal wealth and involves dealers in the exploration and development of such programs. The Corporation offers comprehensive training and mentoring programs and assists in everything from site selection to store design. It also provides dealers with a wide range of comprehensive support services, as well as free workshops and seminars.
The wonderful benefits of owning a Badcock dealership are that our dealers retain full ownership but require less capital expense and have a quicker start-up than a traditional franchise system. Badcock dealers are not charged a franchise fee nor are there capital requirements for merchandise inventory or account financing. The dealers' investment in the business is significantly lower than other business opportunities, enabling them to concentrate on income, building equity and increasing the value of their business.
Since there is no franchise fee or capital requirements for merchandise inventory or account financing, capital outlay is significantly lower than most other businesses that can provide the same revenues and wealth-building opportunities. In addition, financing options are available for eligible dealers. For instance, Badcock was recently listed on the Small Business Association's National Franchise Registry, which will allow dealers to easily apply for SBA financing that was previously unavailable.
Although Badcock prefers owner-operators, investors can act as a financial backer while having a store manager run day to day operations. The investor is expected, over time, to gain a working knowledge of the business.
The furniture retail business generally allows for more flexibility and a better quality of life that many find preferable to the long hours of food retail and the personnel issues of a service franchise. For Badcock in particular, their unique dealer model provides dealers with consigned furniture, so their capital expenses are lower, and an in-store financing option for the customers. The past 100+ years have proven Badcock as a successful, stable company with a long history of customer satisfaction. Badcock eagerly embarks on a plan of continued growth and modernization that includes further integration of their new Badcock &more concept as well as expansion plans throughout the Southeast.
Badcock offers so much more than just furniture. It’s your one-stop shopping location for everything you need to make your home its best, including decorative accessories, electronics, gifts, appliances, linens and other home accents. We are dedicated to offering you more products and more selection for a more satisfying shopping experience.
Badcock is committed to keeping the focus on the success and profitability of dealer-owned and -operated stores. Through the use of advanced demographics and psychographics, Badcock continues to refine and improve site selection and advertising to further increase store success. Not content to rely on past success, Badcock has drastically accelerated corporate reinvestment into the infrastructure to improve efficiency and to position Badcock to capitalize on future opportunities.