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Buy Sustainable Wood: Protect Our Forests and Save Our Planet
When you purchase furniture that has been sustainably sourced, you are taking action to prevent deforestation, keep toxins out of your home, and help make the earth healthier for your family and generations to come.
Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall
By the time September ends, most people are ready to transition from the heat and humidity of summer to the cooler temperatures of autumn. Gone are picnics, barbeques, and fireworks as we embrace fall sports and indoor-focused celebrations. It’s an opportunity to create autumn sanctuaries where family and friends can gather and spend quality time together. Unsure where to start? Here are some ideas to get you inspired to dive into the cooler and cozier themes of fall!
Supporting Others in Times of Crises
Our company began with the philosophy, “Badcock will treat you right.” And through the years, this philosophy hasn’t changed, in fact, it’s the guiding principle behind everything we do. We care for our customers and the communities they live in.
Six Sizzling Ways to Update Your Home for Summer
Summer is here! Bring on the backyard barbeques, ice-cold lemonade, and perfect patio parties. It’s the best time to be outdoors and entertain, soak up sunshine, and make family memories. Let those sunshine-filled gatherings inspire you to bring some of that outdoor summer sizzle inside!
One Step Ahead for Memorial Day Weekend
It’s officially National Barbeque Month, which means it’s the perfect time to take out the grill and cook up some good eats for friends and family. You could opt for pulled pork and ribs, sided with a nice cup of coleslaw and mashed potatoes, or maybe hot dogs and hamburgers are more your style. Whatever you prefer, Badcock Home Furniture &more offers plenty of outdoor grill options to make your feast a fan-favorite this Memorial Day weekend or anytime.
Spring Up Your Home This Season
With every occasion, home is where we find ourselves together the most, delighting in every new day we spend with the very people we love. So, with the gift of Spring, consider welcoming the new moments of your life with something new for your home. Here are some ways you can spring up your home for the season.
Picking the Right Mattress for the Best Sleep
After having a long day at work, tending to the household chores and children, or dealing with a week’s worth of midterms, getting a full night of rest sounds like a dream. The day-to-day activities we put ourselves through greatly affect our posture, the weight we put on our backs, and even our sleep patterns. If we are not careful when picking up objects and positioning our spine while sedentary, we can injure the very thing that lifts us out of bed
The Perfect Stay-At-Home Date
Because of Valentine’s Day, February is often associated with romance, love, and relationships. One of the key ways to make sure a relationship with your loved one thrives is to have regular dates and outings. With the world still taking precaution, picking the perfect restaurant or outing can be a bit difficult these days. Rather than having to make reservations or wait in long lines, one of the most thoughtful and enjoyable ways to celebrate a romantic dinner with your loved one is in the comfort of your home. Home is where your heart is after all!
Those Just Right® Moments
Sometimes in life, there are those things that feel just right. Whether it’s a satisfying video compilation, the perfect nesting of two items, a feeling of peace while relaxing with loved ones, a backyard sunset with flawless coloring, sipping tea on the porch, enjoying laughter and food with those most important to us, or anything in between, these everyday moments can bring a feeling unlike any other. We like to think of these happenings as the sparks that make life more enjoyable and memories of time spent throughout the years stand out above the rest.
The Year of Family and Home
With the promise of a new year just around the corner, many people around the world are holding onto the hope of a brighter tomorrow. While 2020 may have been one of the most challenging years in recent memory, we cannot overlook some of the things that may have been silver linings in an otherwise cloudy climate.