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Returns & Refund Policy

Most merchandise sold by Badcock Home Furniture &more is covered under our “10-Day Return & Refund Policy.” Certain exceptions apply. Merchandise returned in “like new” condition under the policy guidelines is eligible for a full refund, merchandise exchange or in-store credit at the customer’s choosing. Exceptions to this policy would be mattresses (covered separately below) and any merchandise purchased "as-is clearance".

For all check purchases or cash purchases over $100.00, refunds are made within 14 days of merchandise return by check mailed from the Corporate Office. For all credit/debit card, Badcock financing or Third Party Financing purchases, credits are issued immediately upon return of the merchandise.

The original receipt is required for all return and refund requests.

Refund Exceptions

Merchandise not in “like new” condition, as well as defaced, abused, neglected or similar mistreatment, may not be accepted for return during the return and refund period. Some conditions that will prevent an item from being returned include, but are not limited to: smoke, pest infestations, pet hair, stains due to food, drink, pets, bodily fluids or any other substance.

Returns After Delivery

After delivery, you may:

  1. 1-10 Days from Delivery Date: Return an item for any reason within 10 days of delivery and received full credit, a refund or exchange. Item(s) must be in “like new” condition. Other restrictions may apply
  2. 11-30 Days from Delivery Date: Return an item for any reason other than “defective” and receive full credit for merchandise reselection or refund, less a 20% restocking fee. Item(s) must be in “like new” condition. If item is “defective,” customer is eligible for full credit for merchandise reselection or full refund in accordance with Manufacturers’ written warranties.
  3. 31-365 Days from Delivery Date: Only “defective” merchandise can be returned and full credit will be given for merchandise reselection or for a refund in accordance with Manufacturers’ written warranties.

Merchandise returns will not be accepted on any item 31 days or more from date of delivery (except for “Defective” merchandise). No restocking fee will be charged on any “Defective” merchandise. Excluding Appliances, Electronics and Lawn & Garden Equipment.

Appliances & Electronics

Electronics must be returned in original packaging along with instruction manuals, remotes and other accessories (if applicable).

All appliances and electronics will be covered by the Manufacturers’ written warranties, if any. Warranty decisions are made by the local authorized servicer, not the retailer. Some items may require authorization from the Manufacturer prior to replacement or refund approval.

A customer may return their computer, tablet, game system or smart device containing a hard drive in like-new condition, according to the terms listed above. The entering of any amount of personal data, such as log-in credentials, passwords, ISP account information and photos on these items, regardless of the extent, will remove the item from like-new status and render them ineligible for the normal return policy, including the 10-day return policy. Items returned within 10 days of purchase, but not in like-new condition will be subject to a restocking fee of 20% of the purchase price.

Lawn & Garden Equipment

All Lawn and Garden merchandise (including grills) will be covered by the Manufacturers’ written warranties, if any. Warranty decisions are made by the local authorized servicer, not the retailer. The customer is responsible for repair charges for all non-warranty repair work within the warranty period. Lawn and Garden equipment pick-up and delivery charges are the responsibility of the customer.



Our bedding comfort policy provides customers with 45 nights to make sure their mattress set meets their comfort expectations. We do require that the customer has the bedding in their home for a period of 30 nights prior to any re-selection to allow for body/sleeping adjustments. After the 30-night adjustment period but prior to the 45th day, they may receive a one-time full credit towards a re-selection mattress set in order to find the proper comfort level. If the bedding set, they select is greater in value than what was originally purchased, they will be responsible for the difference in price. If a suitable alternative set cannot be found from our selections between the 30th and 45th day, a return and refund may be provided less a 20% handling fee and return delivery charges may apply. All returned items must be clean and free of any stains or odors.

Manufacturer Defects:

All bedding is covered by the manufacturer's warranty and can be returned during the warranty period pursuant to the manufacturer's written warranty. Bedding must be free of soiling and stains and have proper center support if either a queen or king size, otherwise the manufacturer's warranty is voided. It is strongly suggested our customers purchase one of our mattress protectors (sold separately) to protect their investment and warranty.The warranty period on replacement bedding reverts back to the original purchase date. A customer can exchange due to manufacturer defect as many times as needed up to the warranty period from the original purchase date following the defect guidelines.

All Mattress Inspections must be completed with a Bedding Inspection Form. Upon notification at the store level that there is a concern with the mattress set, the customer will be provided at no cost a pre-inspection kit that will include a string with clips and an instruction form. The form will guide the customer through the inspection process, the guidelines, and requirements for determining whether the mattress or foundation may be approved for exchange. Upon completion of the pre-inspection form and submission of valid pictures clearly showing the condition of the mattress set as well as the support system beneath, the store dealer or manager will confirm whether an exchange can be scheduled. If upon exchange delivery the conditions of the existing mattress set are found to not be as represented by the pre-inspection form or photos as are required in the inspection form, the exchange may be denied.

Floor Covering

Floor Covering is only covered by the Manufacturers’ written warranties, if any, and can only be replaced during the warranty period, pursuant to the Manufacturers’ written warranties.

Reduced-Price Merchandise

Merchandise sold at a reduced price, including but not limited to clearance and floor sample merchandise, is sold “as is.” It is excluded from this return & refund policy and no exchanges shall be allowed.

Manufacturers’ Warranties

Badcock stands behind all Manufacturers’ warranties with free parts and labor for up to one (1) year after the date of delivery for defects due to material or workmanship related problems covered by a Manufacturer’s written warranty. If a repair cannot be made, the decision on any credits or exchanges during the one-year period will be at Badcock’s sole discretion. Excluding Appliances, Electronics, Bedding, Floor Covering and Lawn & Garden Equipment.

Items & Fees Not Subject to Refund

The following fees are not subject to refund and will not be refunded after the sale and delivery has been completed: Delivery Service Fees and/or Badcock approved Assembly Fees.

Non-Refund Charges Responsibility

In the event Delivery Service Fees and Assembly Fees remain unpaid after a return of merchandise, the customer will be responsible for the remaining unpaid balance. In the event a 20% re-stocking fee is charged on a return and the down payment was less than 20% on the original sale, the customer will be responsible for the remaining balance on the account to include any non-refunded charges.