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Creating Comfort at Home

Image of Family on Sofa

Your fuzzy socks poke out from underneath your soft, warm blanket, head tilted into a feathery light pillow, while the sun’s light cascades through your window. The TV is playing, and you can feel your eyes drooping. These moments of stillness are what makes your home a place of comfort.

Home spaces are meant to feel homey. With 119 years in the furniture business, Badcock knows the best recipe for creating a cozy living space.

Choose Your Colors!

Image of Haley Sofa

The colors you surround yourself with at home can impact your mood. Combine blues, yellows, and whites for a cheerful, soft atmosphere, or grey with red accents for a fierce vibe.

If you’re renting or can’t change your wall colors, juxtapose the white or neutral walls, with lots of quirky wall art or colorful furniture and décor.

Image of Chair

Add a vibrant accent chair, dramatic rug, wall art with a pop of red, a vase filled with colorful fresh flowers, and bright accent pillows.

And if you’re big fan of neutral colors in home décor, don’t be afraid to keep it simple!

Experiment with Textures & Shapes

Image of Tv Sofa

Transform your home into a hub of textural delight. Whether you’re a big fan of lots of color in the home or the monochromatic look, mixing different textures and shapes in your home adds a flair of unique style.

Simple tweaks in home design, such as adding textured blankets, accent pillows, and rugs to your big soft sectional sofa, elevates the visual appearance of your living space.

Image of Sectional

Combine different types of shapes to enhance the visual appeal of your room.

Curved furniture is in for the year of 2023! Change the look and feel of your home with circular tables, curved furniture edges, and circular accent décor, or decorate your walls with art that features geometric shapes.

The secret to creating a cozy home? Creating a visually and comfortable atmosphere throughout your home you enjoy! If you love the look and feel of your home, you’ll be happier and cozied up.