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Home Upgrades for the Kids (and Parents)

Image of Grey Sofa

Your kids deserve the world, and we want to help you style a playroom and bedroom they will love.

As we get towards the tail-end of summer break, it’s time to start thinking about upgrading the most frequently used family spaces in the home. Take some time to reflect on your child’s growth and the overall needs of your household during this season. What kind of storage do you need? Where will you display kiddo crafts and creations? How are you spending time together in your home?

As parents, you want to make your children feel like their dreams and interests are important. How you style and furnish your living spaces can increase the comfort level in your home but also create a place that feels safe for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Here are some tips to help make home more child friendly while also keeping style and function top of mind.

Design Your Kids’ Playroom

Whether the living room serves as a dual-purpose playroom or you have a separate space specifically for kids, make sure the area is easy to organize, meets your family’s needs, and is stylish.

You’ll want to incorporate functional pieces with lots of storage to help keep things organized. An organized space is a beautiful space! Plus, when there is a place for everything, it gives the kids more space to play! Let’s take a look at some ideas to get you started.

Image of Sofa


Whether furnishing the main living room or a playroom, you’ll want to make sure you have a comfy place to sit!

If your space is large enough, a sectional makes a great choice! And lots of furniture now has special features and hidden gems that make them even more appealing. For example, the Everything sectional has hidden storage in the chaise – perfect for pillows, blankets, and board games. The pop-up sleeper makes it easy to host overnight guests, and the console keeps remotes and game controllers safely tucked away.

Image of Coffee Table

Storage and Surface Space

Shop for products that are stylish with lots of surface space. It’s absolutely possible to have the best of both worlds!

A lift top coffee table like this one makes a great choice if you need some extra storage (who doesn’t, right?). And the molding detail and sleek finish ensure you don’t have to sacrifice style.

Tables with lots of drawers help organize toys and games with ease – making evening clean up a breeze! The smooth surface is perfect for assembling puzzles as a family or imaginative play with characters and figures taking center stage.

Like this look? Shop more pieces to make all your storage and style dreams come true!

Image of Tv Console

TV Console

Move nights, favorite shows, and video games – oh my! Don’t forget to add an entertainment center or TV console to your living room or play space. Safely store movies, game systems, and other accessories with this TV console example or opt for a larger entertainment unit to make smart use of vertical space.

Want more options? We’ve got you covered!

Maximize Bedroom Storage

Image of Daybed

Whether your child loves the outdoors, dolls, sports, videogames, or all of the above, they probably own a lot of stuff. (Some of which they may not use but don’t want to get rid of quite yet.)

It’s important to find the right size bed with the right features to meet your needs.

Image of Daybed

Bed Styles

From bookcase beds to trundles, you’ve got lots of options for the kids!

Consider the amount of clothes and toys you’ll need to store before making the right choice for your child. Room size is also important! If a traditional dresser will overwhelm the space, then a chest of drawers might be the right storage solution for you.

Rest assured (clever pun intended) that at Badcock Home Furniture &more, we have lots of youth bedroom options to help you set up your child’s sleep space and store his or her favorite things safely away when playtime is over.

Décor & Accents

Like icing on a cake or sprinkles on an ice cream, décor is the element that makes every room feel complete. What type of accents should you choose? Whatever represents your kiddos’ interests!

Decorating your child’s playroom or bedroom is a process! The only rule is to find something that makes you smile. Below, we have list of décor and accent furniture to get the creativity flowing.

Now you’re ready to design spaces that your child and the entire family will love! Keep the room mess-free by maximizing storage, seating, and style with quality furniture from your local Badcock store.

Looking for more inspiration for designing a bedroom and playroom for the kiddos? Check out our Roommates 3 series on YouTube!