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Inspiring a Room: What You Need to Know

When you walk into each room in your house, what feeling do you get? Are you overwhelmed with positivity? Or do you immediately sink into despair at the sight of your space?

Ironically, people spend years living in homes that simply don’t inspire them. They spend hours upon hours each day in living rooms, bedrooms, offices, kitchens, and recreational rooms that aren’t in the least bit emotionally stimulating. If you’re one of them, it’s time to take action.

How to Inspire a Room

Not sure you have what it takes to come up with awe-inspiring room design ideas on your own? No problem. Below are some creative room inspirations for your home. Each weekend, or whenever you have a little free time, work on one or more of them. In time, your spaces will become incredibly inspirational, and you’ll find yourself falling in love with your house again.

1. Ditch the clutter.

Clutter is inspiration’s number-one enemy, so attack it wherever you see it. Most of us get into a clutter mindset because we lay items wherever we want. Ironically, we usually have the intention of getting back to them eventually, but that doesn’t always happen.

Instead of allowing your clutter to eat away at the flow and positivity of your home, remove it regularly. Eventually, your home will look neater.

2. Get double-use out of furnishings.

Feel like you just have too many things and never enough space? Your issue may be that you don’t have enough storage solutions. First, go through all your closets and walk-in pantries. Are you making efficient use of the areas? Consider purchasing closet devices like shelving to maximize all the horizontal and vertical spaces available.

Next, think about buying furniture that has a dual purpose, like a modern ottoman with a top that opens. You can store anything from seasonal clothing to kids’ toys in the ottoman without adding more visual clutter. Another great double-use piece of furniture is a sofa bed, allowing you to have a guest bed without the need for another bedroom.

3. Bring light into your home.

Human beings crave light spaces. It’s simply part of our nature. Therefore, we tend to not use spaces that are too dark.

Think about your own house. Do you hate your kitchen because of its lack of lighting? Do you avoid working in your home office because you feel like it’s dark and cloistered? An investment of a few lighting fixtures like floor and desk lamps could make all the difference.

Imagine a New Space

Remember that an inspirational room is just a few steps away. All you need is a little imagination to transform your living spaces into beautiful, awe-inspiring spots.